Avoid These Internet “Tips” For Cleaning Carpet

May 30, 2024 | Carpet Cleaning

Avoid These Internet “Tips” For Cleaning Carpet

The internet: a treasure trove of information, but also a jungle of questionable advice. Ever search for deep carpet cleaning tips online only to end up with a web full of “whuh-oh” moments? You’re not alone! Our professional carpet cleaners in Kissimmee hear it all the time – homeowners asking about some wild internet suggestions, or worse, calling after a DIY disaster. We don’t want that happening to you! So, our carpet cleaning experts are here to bust some bad carpet care myths and set the record straight.


Using salt to brighten carpets. 

This one has us scratching our heads. We’ve heard whispers of using salt to brighten carpets, but let’s be honest – it’s a recipe for disaster. First of all, salt has zero cleaning power. Second, your vacuum cleaner won’t be able to suck up all those tiny salt crystals. Leaving that gritty residue behind creates friction between carpet fibers, which accelerates wear and tear.

Instead of falling for this salty myth, if your carpets are looking lackluster or have unsightly traffic patterns, call in the professionals! A deep carpet cleaning by our experts will restore your carpets’ original beauty and color using safe and proven methods.


Steaming your carpet with a clothes steamer or steam mop. 

Saving money is always tempting, but trust us – skipping professional cleaning and steaming your carpets with a clothes steamer or steam mop is another recipe for disaster. These everyday appliances were not designed to tackle tough carpet grime. Plus, even professional steam cleaning isn’t the most ideal method for deep cleaning carpets.

At Chem-Dry, we’ve got a much better solution: Hot Carbonating Extraction (HCE). This innovative process gets your carpets cleaner and healthier than steam cleaning ever could. Unlike steam, HCE won’t leave your carpets soaking wet or risk overheating them – two major dangers of using a steamer on your carpets. Skip the DIY disaster and call in the Chem-Dry crew! We’ll leave your carpets clean, fresh, and safe.


Scrubbing carpet with a scrub brush. 

We get it – scrubbing seems like the natural cleaning solution. But hold on to your brushes! Carpets are made of delicate fibers, and scrubbing them is like giving them a sandpaper hug. This rough treatment can damage the texture, color, and lifespan of your precious floor art. Not to mention, scrubbing a stain might just spread it around like tie-dye gone wrong. Yikes! For safe and effective stain removal, you need a more scientific approach. That’s where our P.U.R.T.® and specialty stain removal services come in!

They tackle stains on a molecular level, leaving your carpets clean and beautiful without the risk of scrubbing damage. Think of it as a microscopic stain-fighting army, restoring your carpets to their former glory.


Applying vinegar to carpet. 

Vinegar gets a lot of love as a natural cleaning superstar, and for good reason! But hold the horses before you drench your carpets in it. Vinegar might be a whiz on kitchen counters, but it’s a disaster waiting to happen on your carpets. Take a deep sniff – that’s the lingering odor you’ll be battling after a vinegar cleaning. Newsflash: most homeowners end up calling Chem-Dry for a rescue deep clean after this DIY experiment goes wrong.

But the smell isn’t the only villain here. Vinegar’s acidity can break down carpet fibers, leading to fading and stiffness. No thanks! Skip the sour solution and call in the Chem-Dry pros. We’ve got safe and effective methods to leave your carpets clean, fresh, and beautiful – without that lingering vinegar stench.


Choose Professional Deep Carpet Cleaning 

Ditch the DIY disasters and embrace the power of professional deep cleaning! Our HCE process is your secret weapon for a clean, healthy home. This innovative method uses magic (okay, science) to lift dirt from deep within your carpets, leaving them sparkling with ease.

Here’s the best part: unlike steam cleaning, HCE uses way less water and ditches the harsh soaps. That means no soggy carpets or sticky residue – just fresh, clean bliss in just a few hours. Professional cleaning also means skipping the unpleasant odors that haunt DIY attempts. Instead, your carpets will smell as good as they look! Plus, you’ll be extending the life of your carpets and promoting a healthier home environment. It’s a win-win for everyone (especially your carpets)! Call Chem-Dry today and breathe easy in a clean, healthy home.


Get started with a deep carpet cleaning process that you can trust! Call Chem-Dry Nona at (407) 956-7039 today to schedule your Kissimmee carpet cleaning. 


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